The information channeled from the Higher Self may at times be direct and cause the recipient to react from their egoic “pain body”.  Such is often the case when the recipient is unwilling to look at or work through a particular issue in their life.  The Higher Self information itself is always in alignment with Love.  However sometimes that direct Love and Wisdom is too powerful for the personal ego to accept at that moment.  Yet in the future, the Higher Self information will eventually transform and dissolve that part of the personal ego that is limiting the earth-bound Soul from greater experience of Love and Light.

This is akin to lighting a candle in a completely dark room.  At first your eyes will squint to shut out some of the bright light.  But in time, your eyes will adjust and you will see the light in it’s entirety and the room will be fully illuminated.

The Higher Self is itself a pure expression of Love, Wisdom, and Power.  The Higher Self does not desire to control or manipulate the free will of other lower dimensional beings.  The Higher Self experiences all of Life as Love and offers its Wisdom unconditional and without expectation.

The higher self has no interest in personal power or human dramas.